Campus Engage Participate Programme Framework Presentation, 2015

December 2014 Campus Engage are launched a new capacity building service, The Participate Programme. The Programme offers staff and community-based organisations a selection of capacity building initiatives that will give attendees the tools to incorporate community-based research and learning into their curriculum and work plans.

Recognizing excellence in Community–Engaged Scholarship: Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure Decisions

“A university’s values are most clearly described by its promotion and tenure policy and by the criteria used to evaluate faculty members” (Conrad Weiser et al. 2000)

University of Victoria’s Vision: We aspire to be the Canadian university that best integrates outstanding scholarship, inspired teaching and real-life involvement. As members of a diverse and dynamic leaning community, we challenge one another to become thoughtful, engaged citizens and leaders, prepared to contribute to the betterment of a rapidly changing global society.

You don't get that in a chemist

The film traces, through interviews, practice and performances a year in the life of the members of the Southend Community Singers and culminates in a show with the St John of God Primary School Rock Choir.

Capturing the ‘insight’ dimension of Framework of Qualifications: learning from civic engagement

Dr. Josephine A. Boland's research interests relate to higher education policy and practice, as evidenced by her doctoral thesis ‘Embedding a civic engagement dimension within the higher education curriculum; a study of policy, process and practice in Ireland’. She is a part of a team of colleagues, students and community partners in NUIGalway developing a service learning project – ‘Learning to Teach for Social Justice’ – within the context of initial teacher education.

Sustaining Science Shops, A Guide to Developing Strategy and Policy

This publication draws lessons from the experiences of EU Science Shop/community-based research practitioners over the years. The guide was written by Eileen Martin and Emma McKenna at Queen's University Belfast and aims to support thinking about how community researchers contribute to policy development in their work. You can access the guide below or click on the webiste to access this and others reports here.

IT Tralee Community-based Learning Online Information hub for Community Organisations

The Institute maintains a website page dedicated to Community Engagement, here information on the modules Community Service Initiative (CSI) and Community Leadership Initiative projects are posted. Also the Volunteering Portal is available for external community members to submit volunteering positions, requiring student volunteers. Clck here to access the site:

Thematic Strategies for Didactic Methods: University of Cincinnati Niehoff Urban Stuio

In response to the challenges of teaching an interdisciplinary course, several current pedagogical strategies can be helpful for faculty members: teaching collaboration skills (Communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution), draw projects based on examples of all involved disciplines, engage students in reflection exercises and others.

Shared Learning in Our Community; The Creation of New Knowledge with our Non-Profit Partners

This poster describes the Drexel University and Inside-Out International Prison Exchange Program, where both institutions have come together to pilot the first ever extension of the traditional Prison Exchange Model. Drexel has developed courses that are conducted in alternative learning environments, bringing students from the community together with traditional college students for a chance to learn together as colleagues.

Intergrating Community Services in Undergraduate Studies at San Jorge University

This poster was produced by the Multidisciplinary Innovation in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (MITLHE) Research Group at the San Jorge University, to explain the process of adaptation to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) as an opportunity to promote a deep reflection of the meaning of what a university is and what it contributes to citizenship education, through service learning.


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