SCIENCE AND SOCIETY: Time for a new deal

"We are only able to improve Europe if we are able to ensure the engagement of all Europeans, all our citizens. Europe, to be successful, needs the support of citizens and “citizens will not be convinced with rhetoric and promises only, but only with a concrete set of common achievements” (José Manuel Barroso, State of the Union speech, September 2013).

Campus Engage CBR and CBL Working Group Steering Committee Project Proposals, 2013-2014

This document covers Community-based Research and Community-based Learning Working Group project proposals to be accepted by the Campus Engage Steering Committee. The proposals prioritise activities from the national work plan for 2014-2015. The proposals are draft and will be shaped with other stakeholders, signed up to be active working group members, in the development process.

Campus Engage Away Day 2013: Report, Recommendations and Decisions made at Steering Committee Proceedings

The aim of the Away Day was to bring Campus Engage National Network Steering Committee members, Working Group Convenors and C&V representation together to network and develop a collective vision on: what Campus Engage wants to achieve; why we need to achieve this; who will implement activities; and what structure governs the process. This report covers the recommendations and findings from workshops.


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