Presidents Volunteer Award - Fergus Currach Club

University of Limerick presents Volunteer Award (PVA)  Co-ordinated and Managed by Gabriella Hanrahan, Community Liason Officer, Student Affairs Division. 

Volunteering Charter, Trinity College Dublin Sample

This document is based on the Volunteering Ireland Charter for effective volunteering which we modified for our particular setting in collaboration with stakeholders in campus volunteer programmes, student volunteer groups and student services.

National Volunteer and Student Led Engagement Working Group Work plan, 2013-2015

The following Action Plan has been developed with careful consideration of the work plans, tasks and priorities previously identified and agreed by the Volunteering WG and Student-Led Engagement WG consulatation meeting in 2013, and the subsequent decision to merge the two WGs. The Convenors examined the two WGs’   work plans and identified similarities and synergies that informed the proposed Action Plan.


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