Mental Health week at LYIT: Let’s all ‘Chat for Change’

‘Mental Health Week’ took place at Letterkenny Institute of Technology from Monday 18 November to Wednesday 20 November, 2013. This event, organised by the Student Union Welfare Officer, Tanya Russell included a host of on- campus activities aimed at encouraging young people to ‘Chat for Change’. This event ran simultaneous to the Union of Students national campaign #moretalkmoreaction.

University of Limerick - President's Volunteer Award (PVA)

The vision for University of Limerick is to provide an outstanding student experience, to actively serve our communities and to contribute to the civil, social and cultural life of the Shannon Region and beyond.  

The President's Volunteer Award (PVA) was established in 2010 to harness, acknowledge and support the contribution that students at the University of Limerick make to their communities.

Galway Community Garden: a new collaborative enterprise

Every year the 3rd year Occupational Therapy students take on an intense community project that is designed to both address some of the occupational therapy needs of the community and to help them develop the professional skills that will make them valuable occupational therapists in the future. The 3rd year module itself, Emerging Areas of Occupational Therapy Practice, has been in near continual evolution since its inaugural year in 2006.

Community-based Research (CBR) at DIT

In 2015/16, over 1055 students across DIT were involved in learning with communities and were supervised by 52 DIT Lecturers. These projects took place across 44 programmes of study, both undergraduate and postgraduate. Approximately 1 in 3 undergraduate programmes had students involved in collaborative projects with communities. Since its beginnings in 2008, the Programme has supported projects involving over 8,000 students in collaboration with over 110 Community Partners.

Student-led engagement (SLE) at DIT

DIT Societies are run by the students for the students and supported by the staff of the society’s office through advice, administration and finance. They endeavour to develop the “community” on campus through the provision of activities, events, entertainment, and development opportunities. There are over 35 extra annual “special events” both big and small, which students are involved in running. The last number of years has seen a huge increase in society’s membership and the number of events on and off campus.

Volunteering Initiatives at DIT

At DIT the societies staff and the chaplaincy staff coordinate a programme of volunteering activities for DIT students. They offer an array of projects to interested students, from working with children, young people, and the elderly, to campaigns and fundraising, whether in the local community or overseas. Volunteering opportunities include a mix of projects, such as homework clubs, supervised study, mentoring, class reps, soup runs, flat decoration, drama, website building, arts and crafts, dancing, and juggling. 

Community-based Learning (CBL) at DIT

Over 1,100 students were involved in community-based learning and community-based research activities across DIT in 2012/13, on 49 programmes, supervised by over 60 academic staff. These projects involved a wide range of disciplines and activities, from process-based projects such as tutoring children in schools to research-driven projects such as developing a tailgating sensor for motor vehicles. They range from undergraduate to PhD level projects.

DIT Access and Civic Engagement Office

The DIT Access and Civic Engagement Office is the main coordinator of civic engagement in DIT, along with Societies and the Chaplaincy. All these areas are part of Student Services. 

The CARA Adapted Physical Activity Centre Ltd, IT Tralee

The CARA Adapted Physical Activity Centre Ltd is an Institute of Technology Initiative, which coordinates, facilitates and advocates for the inclusion of people with disabilities in sports, physical activities and physical education. It works at a strategic level to influence and support policies and programmes of agencies involved in the provision of sport, physical activity and physical education for people with disabilities.

This is achieved through the following:

Community Leadership Initiative (CLI) at IT Tralee


The Community Leadership Initiative (CLI) is a module available to 3rd year students in semester five at the School of Health & Social Science and School of Engineering.


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