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The Student Volunteering Symposium

You are most welcome to join us at NUI Galway on July 5 2016 at 10.30am for a Symposium on Student Volunteering at the Institute for Lifecourse and Society.



Keynote Speaker: Clare Holdsworth

Clare Holdsworth (Professor of Social Geography, Keele University , UK) is the most prolific writer in the UK on student volunteering and really pushes the boundaries of our thinking. Her keynote will address the mobilisation of employability skills as an outcome of volunteering, valuing and nurturing voluntary activity as an end in itself and critiquing graduate attributes discourses.


The Symposium event will be of interest to:

·        Students

·        Staff of Higher Education

·        Researchers and Academics

·        Practitioners

·        Community or Non-profit Organisations 

·        Social Enterprises 

·        General Public


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