Campus Engage - Irish Research Council Engaged Research National Consultations - coming to a higher education institution near you!


During October 2016 the Campus Engage Engaged Research Working Group will be consulting as widely as possible with stakeholders, including academic staff, CSOs, funding agencies, policy officials and others, to gather information on engaged research challenges and enablers, case studies, impact, methods & techniques, and how to establish effective civic and civil society partnerships.

The objective is to make Ireland the best country in the EU to work with on addressing ‘grand social challenges’; and to reach institutional and national and EU Horizon 2020 targets.

Information gathered will inform a Campus Engage - Irish Research Council National Report, including higher education guidelines, an associated Framework for Engaged Research, and a set of recommendations for policy makers, national and EU funders.

UCD Engaged Research Consultation in Action - Led by Prof Joe Carthy, Dean of Science, UCD and Triona McCormack, Director of Research, UCD.

We would like to now invite you to be a part of this project and to assist us in building shared understanding and capacity.

“Engaged Research is the global term for a variety of research approaches and methodologies across disciplines that share a common interest in collaborative engagement methods, with the goal or outcome of improving, understanding or investigating an issue of public interest or concern. Engagement may be in terms of research design, acquiring and analysing data, capacity building and sharing findings”. Campus Engage, 2016

If you would lilke to speak to a local representative and Working Group member from your HEI please right click the name in the right hand colum to email. The consultation workshops will be held at the following locations:

Location   Date Contact
University of Limerick 20th October, 2016   Dr Maura Adshead
Trinity College Dublin (CLOSED) 13th October, 2016 Sarah Bowman
Dublin City University (CLOSED) 5th October, 2016 Dr Padraig Murphy
Maynooth University 20th October, 2016 Dr Sinead McGilloway
National University of Ireland Galway (CLOSED) 13th October, 2016 Ann Lyons
University College Dublin (CLOSED) 10th October, 2016 Prof Joe Carthy
Dublin Institute of Technology 18th October, 2016 Dr Catherine Bates
University College Cork (CLOSED) 4th October, 2016 Dr Catherine O'Mahony
Campus Engage National Consultation with CSOs (OPEN) 26th October, 2016 Kate Morris

To speak with the National Coordinator on report content and development please contact Kate Morris by email:

Event Date: 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 to Thursday, October 20, 2016, 17 - 17