Campus Engage Steering Committee Welcomes new Objectives and Indicators set out in the Higher Education Systems Performance Framework, 2018-2020

Ministers Bruton & Mary Mitchell O'Connor launched the Higher Education System Performance Framework on 15th January 2018.

The Campus Engage Steering Committee welcomed the publication of the report, and the positioning of higher education engagement prominently in the ‘key performance objectives’ language, and ‘performance indictors’ listed in the new Framework.

As Campus Engage is a HEI driven support infrastructure to let Irish HEI excel in their engagement practice and policy, Campus Engage Working Group on Metrics and Evaluation have developed a Guide to support HEIs to name metrics across engaged research, teaching and learning, student volunteering, public outreach and infrastructures. This work has been led by Rhonda Wynne, UCD in the Community. Campus Engage is available to meet with all Campus Engage member HEI staff tasked with compiling the associated Compact, and to talk through the new draft Guide: Measuring Higher Education Civic and Community Engagement: A Guide.

For further information contact: Kate Morris,