Campus Engage Strategic Planning Session

Campus Engage Strategic Planning Session

Many thanks and congratulations to the Campus Engage Steering Committee and Working Group Convenors for taking part in Friday's strategic planning session.

Campus Engage Away day, on photo:Kate Morris, Ronnie Munck, Paul Manners, Sophie Duncan , Ursulla Kelly

It was tough going as it needed lots of concentration, but we got there!

Campus Engage Away Day

National Coordinator, Kate Morris will be drawing together, categorising and applying the information communicated throughout the day to a summary report with recommendations, to be discussed at a follow up meeting in October.

Please find a link to Ursula Kelly ‘s PowerPoint, the economic and social value of higher education.

Campus Engage Away day, on photo:ppt by Ursula Kelly and group member

We were so lucky to access the experience, skill and expertise of Paul Manners, Sophie Duncan and Ursula for one full working day.

Also thanks to Maeve Lydon Maeve Lydon, Institute for Innovation in Community-University Engagement, Canada, Ciaran Reid, Irish Local Development Network and Ivan Cooper, The Wheel, for their essential insight from the community and voluntary sector.

We look forward to working with you three and others into the future.