Civic Engagement in Higher Education: Concepts and Practices

Numerous studies have chronicled student’s lack of trust in large social institutions, declining interest in politics, and decreasing civic skills. This book is a comprehensive guide to developing high-quality civic engagement experiences for college students. The book defines civic engagement and explains why it is central to a college education. It describes the state of the art of education for civic engagement and provides guidelines for designing programs that encourage desired learning outcomes. In addition, the book guides leaders in organizing their institutions to create a campus-wide culture of civic engagement.

Table of Contents

1. Civic Engagement in Today’s Higher Education: An Overview (Barbara Jacoby).

2. What We Know about Civic Engagement among College Students (Mark Hugo Lopez and Abby Kiesa).

3. Educating Students for Personal and Social Responsibility: The Civic Learning Spiral (Caryn McTighe Musil).

4. Civic Engagement in the First College Year (Mary Stuart Hunter and Blaire L. Moody).

5. Engaging General Education (Kim Spiezio).

6. The Influence of Integrative and Interdisciplinary Learning on Civic Engagement (Nance Lucas).

7. Capstone Experiences (Kevin Kecskes and Seanna Kerrigan).

8. Enhancing Intercultural Competence through Civic Engagement (Michelle R. Dunlap and Nicole Webster).

9. Leadership Education and the Revitalization of Public Life (Nicholas V. Longo and Marguerite S. Shaffer).

10. Moving from Service-Learning to Civic Engagement (Marshall Welch).

11. Community-Based Undergraduate Research: Collaborative Inquiry for the Public Good (Elizabeth L. Paul).

12. Global Civic Engagement (Barbara Jacoby and Nevin C. Brown).

13. Securing the Future of Civic Engagement in Higher Education (Barbara Jacoby and Elizabeth Hollander).

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Barbara Jacoby and Associates, Thomas Ehrlich

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