Community-based Action Research Module in Social Care at IT Carlow

Contact: John McGarrigle (

Community-based Action Research Module in Social Care aims to:

  • Engage actively with local services in a participatory action research project. 
  • Integrate knowledge and skills gained through study in different disciplines and apply to a collaborative research project.
  • Explore the research needs of social care communities. As Third Level learners engage with local community services in terms of experiential learning it is envisaged that local needs can be researched to the benefit of both the community and the individual learner.
  • Facilitate students in researching the needs of placement providers/local community groups.
  • Present the research findings at a locally organized seminar that will help in the development of valuable workplace skills such as organizational, teamwork, planning and communication skills and will make the research available to the local community and a wider audience.
  • Increase awareness of the role of emancipatory research in social care by developing and using research skills in preparing an ethical research proposal. Students are required to carry out research in the community and produce a dissertation and make a poster presentation at a Research Symposium.


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