Community Based Learning and Community Based/Service Learning Working Groups: Summary Report and Work Plans from Three Exploratory Sessions with HEI Staff and Community Partners in Galway, Cork and Dublin

This report covers extensive consultation work carried out by the working group on Community-based research and Community-based Learning in early 2013.

Three combined CBL and CBR events took place and to facilitate numbers attending these work group sessions, and for geographic reasons, three identical sessions were held, in Galway, Cork and Dublin. The goal of these meetings was to generate broad representation across the HEI and community sectors to promote and develop engagement work with participants across the country, to collect and generate ideas, and to identify volunteers to commit to activities.

  1. Galway – Facilitated by Lorraine McIlrath (NUIG)
  2. Cork - Facilitated by Kenneth Burns (UCC)
  3. Dublin - Facilitated by Padraig Murphy (DCU) and Sinead McCann (DIT)

All sessions used the same format: a brief generic presentation on the history and future of Campus Engage; new structure and positioning; steering committee and working groups; impact of the Hunt Report and future funding; and an overview of CBL and CBR. The agenda for the rest of the session was as follows: Generate ideas for Campus Engage working groups and work plans, and promote networking between individuals and groups involved in CBR/CBL: the generation of ideas for CBR/CBL working groups; exploration of CBR/CBL mix in terms of working groups; identifying workshop members who could commit to a working group or set of tasks.

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Campus Engage CBR and CBL Convenors

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