Demonstrating Impact: Current Practice amongst Social Purpose Organisations in Ireland

This brief report provides a snapshot of the situation in Ireland in November 2011.  It does not claim to be definitive.  Although the term ‘impact measurement’ is used throughout, it should be noted that this includes the full continuum of measurement; from outcomes, to impacts, and to social value in its widest sense.

Reseach methods

The nature of this project was very much that of a fact-finding mission. There is within Ireland a dearth of written materials relating to the topic of impact measurement and it was therefore acknowledged from the outset that the vast majority of information would have to be sourced directly from individuals.

In total, thirteen interviews were conducted; nine were held face-to-face, with a further four taking place over the telephone.  An interview guide was used to ensure all aspects of the topic were given due consideration. Extensive written notes were taken.

A further six people provided useful signposts.  The consultant’s own experience of impact measurement supplemented the views of the interviewees and allowed meaningful analysis to take place.

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Sandra Velthius on behalf of The Wheel

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