Diploma in Community Wellness, Empowerment, leadership and lifeskills A Community/University of Limerick Partnership Programme (CWELL)

The programme brings together community partners, university staff and students through practice-based, educational activities to work collaboratively and build capacity in well-being and lifestyle education within the local community of St. Mary’s, Limerick.  The aim of the project is to develop a programme in well-being and lifestyle education in St Marys Community, so that the community will be empowered through education, to better contribute to their own well-being and healthier life-styles. The programme includes: accredited, flexible pathway for further education; an approach to learning which empowers course participants to effect positive change in their well-being and, life-styles within their own community; provision of a pathway that builds leadership capacity within the community; an integrated service –learning module for students which will benefit both student learners from the university and the community residents; and identifies meaningful opportunities for volunteerism. For more information click here


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