Get involved in the UCC EU project bringing public citizens together to shape the future of research policy.

Do you want to shape the future of European research?

University College Cork is seeking participants for a European-wide online consultation on the future of research and policymaking in the EU. The primary aim of the online consultation is to enrich a set of research scenarios that were drafted as part 'CIMULACT', a Horizon 2020 funded project dedicated to the promotion of responsible research and innovation in Europe. Results from the online consultation will be received by the EU Commission and feed into future research funding calls.

UCC welcomes participation from anyone with an interest in shaping the future of research and policymaking in the EU, including citizens, policymakers, and experts.

To participate in the anonymous online survey please visit

The online consultation should take 15 minutes to complete, and specifically addresses 12 societal needs:

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Sustainable Economy
  • Green Habitats
  • Personal Development
  • Harmony with Nature
  • Strength-Based Education and Experiential Learning
  • Equality
  • Unity and Cohesion
  • Citizen Awareness and Participation
  • Holistic Health
  • Sustainable Food
  • Life-Long Processes

To find out more about the Online Consultation contact Ciara Fitzgarald or Stephen McCarthy