Ireland Canada Research Exchange Scholarship Programme

The Irish Canada University Foundation ( ICUF) are developing research links between Ireland and Canada through the provision of scholarships and fellowships available for mobility between Ireland and Canada for PhD students/postdocs and established researchers.

You may be aware already of the James M. Flaherty Scholarship Programme, an important development in the research scholarships programmes between the universities of Ireland and Canada. Under this new programme, there are two distinct strands which may be of interest to senior academics as well as emerging researchers - details can be found on the ICUF website here,  and application forms will be uploaded in the coming days.


Due to the late finalisation of the scholarship details and funding cycles in both countries, Irish awardees in this first year of the program academic year must begin their travel on or before 1st of June 2016, and Canadian awardees must begin their travel on or before March 14th, 2016.  


We appreciate that this may present logistical difficulties to many in the Irish universities who would be interested in making the necessary arrangements to have leave of absence from their academic responsibilities but unfortunately, we have no flexibility with this time deadline. However, there may be some who could manage it and we would be very pleased to have their applications. The call for applications in respect of the 2016 /2017 academic year will go out in the Spring of 2016, giving applicants more time to prepare.

For enquiries or more information email: Professor John Kelly, Ireland Canada University Foundation (ICUF)