LYIT Gaisce Society

The pictures above are from selling Thailand Crafts in aid of those in the  Garden of Eden - Camillan Social Center in Rayong, Thailand.

“The Garden of Eden” is a rehabilitation community for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Even though the PLWHA were still healthy, they were rejected by their families and communities. The goal is to create a self-supporting community of people living with HIV/AIDS.
Here we interacted with children and adults with HIV/AIDS and built fish/frog farms:




A number of us are focusing on completing the goal this year and hope to receive it this year! 

All members of the Gaisce Society are undergoing voluntary experience.


We are planning to do more Fundraising events:

  • Table Quiz at Arena 7 again
  • Selling Ice-Cream (On a sunny day)
  • Tandem a Thon 


More pictures available on request and on LYIT GAISCE – Facebook




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