NUIG Service Learning Module at CELT

Contact: Lorraine McIlrath,

This module is offered by CELT (Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching) at NUIG Galway as part of the Diploma Teaching & Learning in Higher Education. The overall aim of this module is to enhance participants’ awareness and generate deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to civic engagement and higher education. Participants of this emodules are lecturers/academic currently teachign within higher education in Ireland. This module will explore the historical role that institutions of higher education have played within civil society from local, national and international contexts. Concepts of social capital, academic citizenship, democratisation of knowledge and civic engagement will be investigated. Exemplars of service learning/community based learning will be highlighted and shared with expertise offered into the curriculum design process and embedding of a civic dimension. The assignment required will support the understanding of civic engagement within higher education. Assessment is undertaken by100% Continuous Assessment and graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Participants are asked to complete one of a possible three assignments, including:(a) development of a service learning module and syllabus; (b) direct service and reflection; (c) academic essay (that explores a facet of civic engagement within higher education).


Discipline: Arts and Humanities
Institution: National University of Ireland, Galway
Activity: Service Learning/Community Based Learning

Additional Information

Academic Discipline: School of Education
Module Title: Civic Engagement in Higher Education
Typical number of students: 15 - 20
Year(s) of Programme: 2nd Year/Diploma
Credits (ECTs): 10
Mandatory: No
Assessment method: 100% Continuous
First established: 2008-2009
Typical number of hours: 200 - 250 (course contact, study, service and assignment preparation.)
Learning outcomes: Learning Outcomes:At the end of the module participants will have an understanding of the:1. historical role of higher education within civil society;2. trends and influences relating to recent surge in actives related to civic engagement and higher 3. education, internationally, nationally and locally;the diverse forms of service learning and potential of service learning as a pedagogy for civic engagement.
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