NUIG Service Learning: Nursing in the Developed and Developing World

Contact: Dympna Casey

The School of Nursing & Midwifery, through ‘Nursing in the Developed and Developing Worlds’ offers students a service learning exploration, either in Ireland or abroad, on how aspects of culture influence the health of individuals as well as the delivery of health care. The module is delivered through 25 hours of theoretical content plus up to four weeks placement in a national or international setting. Predominantly students have chosen to undertake their service learning in Africa, namely Ghana, Zambia and Kenya. During their service learning experience students have worked with local communities in health outreach clinics, Leprosy clinics and in hospices caring for HIV clients. Students explore the concept of culture in its broadest sense, including ethnicity, professional and informal care delivery, Western and other approaches to health care, and how cultural differences can affect the healthcare professional in everyday practice.


Discipline: Health Studies
Institution: National University of Ireland, Galway
Activity: Service Learning/Community Based Learning

Additional Information

Academic Discipline: Nursing and Midwifery
Module Title: Nursing in the Developed and Developing Worlds
Typical number of students: 30
Year(s) of Programme: 2nd Year
Credits (ECTs): 3
Mandatory: No
Assessment method:  
First established: 2003/2004
Typical number of hours: 100 hours subdivided:- 25 lectures/seminars; 4 wks service learning placement in community setting.
Learning outcomes:  
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Community Partners: Ranchoid Hospice, Kabwe, Zambia; Ortum Mission Hospital, Ortumn Kenya; Our Lady’s Hospice Lusaka Zambia; Mpongwe Mission Hospital, Zambia and Leprosy Clinic Ho, Ghana


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