Saint Angela's Sligo, NUIG Teaching with a Difference Initiative

Contact, Maria Gallo, Saint Angela's Sligo, NUIG

The challenges of teacher education bring with it for students a certain apprehension of becoming a professional that facilitates effective learning in the classroom. St Angela's College, Sligo is unique in offering students in the Bachelor of Education in Home Economics programme a community-based teaching practice placement for the opportunity to extend their comfort zone and widen students' teaching horizons. This non-compulsory, non-traditional teaching practice is over and above the Teaching Council requirements, located in community-based settings. Student teachers work in a four-week placement in a variety of locations nationally from YouthReach services to adult education. By working directly with the community setting to negotiate and tailor learning outcomes appropriate to the context, this offers a mutually beneficial experience: for the community setting, they receive an enhanced learning experience to meet local needs and the student teacher is able to adapt traditional teaching strategies and reflect on their own practice.


Discipline: Education and Home Economics
Institution: St Angelas College Sligo
Activity: Service Learning/Community Based Learning

Additional Information

Academic Discipline: Education and Home Economics (Bachelor of Education in Home Economics)
Module Title: Teaching Practice, Year 4
Typical number of students: 50
Year(s) of Programme: 4th Year
Credits (ECTs): Teaching Practice is not yet under the ECTs system
Mandatory: No
Assessment method: Student reflection (including preparation) and Lecturer Visits and evaluation (usually three visits per students)
First established: 2003
Typical number of hours: 3 weeks teaching in a non-traditional educational setting
Learning outcomes: To enable students to experience a non-traditional education setting, adapting their traditional education as secondary school teachers into other setting to offer an enhanced learning experience to learners in a community setting while the student teachers is able to reflect on their own practice.
Case study website/link: n/a
Community Partners: Various community-based partners (e.g. YouthReach, VEC)


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