Science with and for Society relevant topics in the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-17

Attached below is a very useful document when planning to contribute to upcoming calls in Science with and for Society.

From the introduction:

This e-book is meant to be a guideline of the different funding opportunities with relevance to Science with and for Society stakeholders in the different parts of the Work Programme 2016-2017. Thus it identifies topics with one or more SwafS dimension to guide SWAFS’ stakeholders through the different H2020 Work Programmes. The analysis covers six SWAFS dimensions:

 Engagement

 Ethics

 Open Access

 Gender

 Science Education

 Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)


The document compiles the information for each topic - the deadline for the submission of proposals, type of action and a direct link for each topic in the Participant Portal. Readers are encouraged to go through the whole Work Programme themselves to carefully identify all the opportunities available, and all its details and rules of participation. To ease this consultation, there is a direct link embedded in the title of each programme throughout the document.

Furthermore, and due to the extensive information included, we have dedicated the first pages to include tables of content by keyword. This allows the readers to identify the topic according to their area of interest and navigate throughout the document. To ease this navigation, each topic included in the table of contents has a link which takes the reader to its detailed description.

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