Seeking Applications for visiting U.S. Fullbright Specialists

The Fulbright Commission of Ireland is seeking applications from Irish institutions until 13th November 2015 to bring a U.S. Fulbright Specialist to their institution for two to six weeks from March 2016.  It is a creative and cost-effective way of accessing U.S. academics and professionals who might not be free to come for longer periods. The program enables Irish colleges, research centers, and educational and cultural institutions to invite U.S. academics or professionals to assist with any aspect of development, such as new courses, research program, or administrative structures, for example.

Irish institutions can suggest the name of an U.S. academic in an eligible discipline; otherwise there is a roster of qualified people to choose from. If the person suggested is not already on the roster s/he will have to undergo a peer review process in the U.S. to confirm eligibility. The peer review process takes place on a quarterly basis and the U.S. academic must apply to the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) to get on the roster at the same time as the Irish college is applying to the Commission.

Eligible Academic Disciplines:

American (U.S.) Studies
Applied Linguistics/TEFL
Business Administration
Communications and Journalism
Computer Science

Environmental Science
Information Technology
Library Science
Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies
Political Science
Public Administration
Public/Global Health
Social Work
Urban Planning

Application Process: 

By 13th November 2015: Interested institutions should request the guidelines and an application form from the Fulbright Commission from Ms. Sonya McGuinness, Awards Manager, Fulbright Commission, Email: Completed applications are to be returned to by 13th November 2015.

1st December 2015:  The Commission has an allocation of 5 Specialists. The Commission will review / endorse applications from Irish institutions at its December 2015 Board meeting against the following criteria:

Project Impact: Priority will be given to projects that:

·  are feasible in the time proposed

·  utilise the full six week allocation

·  are collaborative in nature (e.g. involving 2 or more hosts    and, or non-academic partners)

·  will have demonstrable impact on the host institution(s)

·  demonstrate potential for future      collaborations and linkages

· have synergy with the Commission’s TechImpact Irish Scholar Awards, which explore the transformative power of communication technology across all disciplines, with a particular emphasis on technology enabled education, mobile technology and digital arts and culture

Proposed Academic / Specialist:  Preference will be given to projects that have already identified an U.S. academic / specialist who has applied or is already on the roster.

Diversity of Institution: Priority will be given to institutions who have not recently hosted a Fulbright Specialist

From 1st December 2015: The Commission will notify institutions of the status of their applications, provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants, and work with successful applicants to implement their application. Please note that the approval process can take three to four months if the Specialist is not already on the roster.

Cost:  Fulbright through the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) in the U.S. pays the Specialist a per diem and travel. The Irish institution is requested to provide accommodation, meals, and any internal travel costs.