Service Learning at IT Carlow: Outdoor Play and Learning Environments

Contact: Mark Duffy and John McGarrigle (

A collaboration between Wexford Campus, IT Carlow and Crossabeg Childcare PreSchool resulted in students from Early Childhood Education and Care and Architectural Technology courses producing designs for a planned outdoor play space that facilitates learning and development. Crossabeg Childcare PreSchool is a new facility in rural Wexford. The group contacted Wexford Campus for ideas in planning their outdoor environment which resulted in innovative Problem Based Learning projects for both groups of students. The Early Childhood students produced posters on Models of Preschool Education which were presented to Architectural Technology students, the Preschool Committee and the Architect, which informed their understanding of the needs of children at a public seminar. From this Architectural Technology students produced a brief which resulted in designs for the external space. These designs and architectural models were presented later to the same group and were instrumental in informing the planning of the external play space. Key learning:Cross Programme Collaboration using PBLCommunity PartnershipIntegrated Learning Scaffolding and DevelopmentOutputs:Student designsStudent research thesisStudent research PostersDiscussion Workshops

Discipline: Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Social Sciences
Institution: Wexford campus IT Carlow
Activity: Service Learning/Community Based Learning

Additional Information

Academic Discipline: Early Childhood Education & Care/ Architectural Technology
Module Title: Pedagogy and Curriculum /Architectural Technology Studio
Typical number of students: 22/20
Year(s) of Programme: Year 2/ Year 4
Credits (ECTs): 5
Mandatory: No
Assessment method: Self Peer Assessment and Tutor Continuous Assessment
First established:
Typical number of hours: 90
Learning outcomes: Cross Programme Collaboration using PBLCommunity PartnershipIntegrated Learning Scaffolding and DevelopmentOutputs
Student designs
Student research thesis
Student research Posters
Discussion Workshops
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Community Partners: Crossabeg Community Preschool, Wexford, Ireland


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