Student-led engagement (SLE) at IT Tralee

The Institute Student Union actively encourages students to engage in volunteering in order that students can reap the very significant benefits from connecting with one’s community, engaging with others, and sharing skills and attributes to the betterment of others. Students experience a heightened sense of well-being from altruistic activity, and the SU Welfare Officer promotes civic engagement very strongly to all students across both campuses. The Raise and Give (RAG) initiatives each February involve a large cohort of multi-disciplined students converging as one body to raise funds for needy charities. The Student Union engages a large number of volunteers during its campaigns throughout the year, as follows: Safety and awareness week: 22-26th of October, Positive Mental Health week: 12-16th of November; Mind, Body, Soul week: 26-30th of November; Road Safety week: 28th of January-1st of February; SHAG week: 11-15th of February; Drink and Drug Awareness week: 25th of February-1st of March Contact:


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