Towards a Performance evaluation framework: Profiling Irish higher education

This report sets out an initial performance evaluation framework for irish higher education. This is being developed in the context of the implementation of the national strategy for higher education to 2030 with its emphasis on fostering the coherence, and maximising the performance, of the higher education system—as a system. In recent years, there has been a concerted effort, both internally within the higher education authority (HEA) and, more broadly, among higher education policy-makers nationally and internationally, to develop a more comprehensive approach to performance evaluation. Institutional profiles have been developed which encompass the increasing range of roles and responsibilities which higher education as a whole must fulfil, and provide an initial basis for evaluating institutional performance against performance indicators that are reflective of the mission diversity of irish higher education institutions.

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Muiris O'Connor, Vivienne Patterson, Abigail Chantler and Jasmin Backert, Higher Education Authority, Ireland

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