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The TAP Student Ambassador Programme constitutes a formal programme for student involvement in a wide range of TAP activities. Over the years TAP had considerably expanded its range of pre-entry outreach activities, with a heavy reliance on the ad hoc support of TAP students. Formalising this voluntary student involvement has made our support base stronger, by creating a bank of trained, committed student ambassadors to act as role models and guides, in raising the educational aspirations of younger students. Furthermore it has provided added value to the student Ambassador for being involved in TAP activities. TAP Ambassadors assist with the delivery of a suite of programmes within the School and Community Outreach Links (SCOL) as well as will the Post-entry Progression programme (PEPP). 

The TAP Student Ambassador Programme fits well within the College’s long held tradition of service. It serves as a means of mobilising the energy of students and of providing them with a forum in which to engage with the wider City community and education sector in a spirit of volunteerism. This voluntary work requires students to reflect on their place and role in society, and the contribution they, as active educated citizens, can make to address educational disadvantage. The informal, active learning environment provides them with opportunities for significant personal growth, preparing them ‘to play a leading role in enhancing the health, wealth, wisdom and social cohesion of their communities’.

Established in 2006, approximately 50 students participate in the programme each year. The programme is advertised among TAP undergraduate and university access course students; students submit applications and undergo three training sessions. Upon completition students receive a Certificate of Participation and a reference from the Trinity Access Programmes.

Students opt to assist with the development and delivery of campus and community based outreach activities, fundraising initiatives, etc. Students can select which activities they are interested in volunteering for, based on their skills set, personal interest and the type of activity being organised. Generally students participate in three activities per year which require a commitment of 10-30 hours; they dedicate approximately 8 hours to attendance at training workshops.

TAP aims:

  • To challenge students to set and achieve goals
  • To promote reflective civic participation amongst the study body
  • To provide students with the opportunity for informal, active learning
  • To empower students to with the skills and confidence to become to become role models
  • To foster positive relationships between TAP and students
  • To establish a programme that meets the needs of TAP


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