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Peer Supporters are a branch of the Student2Student programme, which is hosted by the Student Counseling Service and the Senior tutor’s office. It is run for students by students. It allows fellow students to talk in confidence to someone on their own level, who may have had many similar experiences. Peer Supporters aren’t there to judge or advise; we simply listen to people when they need to talk and help them find their own solutions to the problem. Sometimes just talking helps! Becoming a Peer Supporter has endless benefits not only for other students, but for you as an individual.

Training to be a Peer Supporter is great! As it’s done with a group, it affords you the opportunity to meet new people from all corners of the university. The skills you learn are invaluable, not only in your role as a Peer Supporter, but in many aspects of life. Seeing how best to break down problems helped me understand my own mind, and knowing how best to listen and understand has made me a better friend and has helped me in my course to communicate better with patients. And you know you’re making a difference, however small! 

Any student can contact the Student 2 Student coordinators or Student Counseling Service themselves and request a Peer Supporter, or they may be referred by anyone within the university, if the student feels they may benefit from the service.

Phone: 01-896-2438

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