UCC- May 3rd-Community Based Learning Workshop with Professor Corey Dolgon

University College Cork

Civic and Community Engagement Workshop

'Higher Education Community Based Learning'

Professor Corey Dolgon, Stonehill College, MA, USA

May 3rd, WG 402

10 am-12.30 pm and 2 pm-4.30 pm

In a series of two workshops Fulbright Scholar Professor Corey Dolgon from Stonehill College Massachusetts will take participants through the basics of designing a Community Based Learning (CBL) course and CBL's democratic and social justice underpinnings. CBL is an experiential educational approach which fosters a curricular collaboration between universities and the community as an integral part of a course or module for ECTS credit. It involves active, experiential or service learning embedded in the curriculum, with global and local citizenship as a core value and outcome. Its emphasis on addressing real-world problems that are unresolved and ill structured, develops student’s critical faculties beyond what is possible in more traditional curriculum. As such it has been referred to as a high-impact educational practice.

Participants are invited to attend one or both workshops below.

The workshops are addressed to all UCC staff members, ideally a person(s) who would be in a position to integrate CBL into an existing course or module, or champion or develop a CBL module or course across the University or within a College or Research Center / Institute. Community partners and participants from other higher education institutions are also welcome. The maximum number of participants in each workshop is about 35 people.

Participants must register by email to uccec@ucc.ie or reply to this email, and indicate your choice of the am or pm workshop or both.

AM Workshop 1

 ‘Designing a Community Based Learning Course - the Basics.’

Professor Corey Dolgon

May 3rd, 10am -12.30 pm UCC Western Gateway Building Room 402

This interactive workshop will focus on the concept of Community Based Learning (CBL), its theoretical foundations and examples of its practical application. Professor Dolgon will draw on his work as director of the new Office of Community Based Learning at Stonehill College Massachusetts and his college’s relationship with the city of Brockton. He will discuss CBL as being designed collaboratively with community-based organizations and how coursework readings, lectures, and discussions help frame and inform students' understandings of community strengths and the root causes of community needs. He will discuss the action, reflection and analysis continuum at the heart of CBL, and strategies for critically informed conversations with community partners.

PM Workshop 2

 ‘Achieving Social Change and Transformation through Community Based Learning.’

Professor Corey Dolgon, Dr. Anna Kingston, Dr. Ruth Hally

May 3rd, 2pm - 4.30pm, UCC Western Gateway Building Room 402

This interactive workshop with Professor Dolgon will focus on Community Based Learning (CBL) as pedagogy grounded in democratic and social justice principles. CBL at its best strives for teaching, learning and university-community partnerships inspired by the possibility of social justice and advancing democratic principles. By working together in a transformative manner, CBL participants strive to develop an understanding of the world as it is, envision a world that could be, and design the strategies and actions that might bring such a world into fruition. Dr. Ruth Hally will share insights from her and colleagues experience of implementing a social justice oriented CBL module within UCC; and Dr. Anna Kingston will share learning and resources from the recent Utrecht Network 2018 Workshop on ‘Service Learning and Community Engagement in Higher Education Institutions’ held in Bratislava, Slovakia.


About Professor Dolgon

Professor Corey Dolgon from Stonehill College Massachusetts USA, is currently a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Salzburgh in Austria, where he is conducting a study entitled: On the Streets of the World: Participatory Action Research with Refugee Populations. His expertise is in the area of higher education societal engagement, particularly Community-Based-Learning (CBL). He is the inaugural director of the new Office of Community Based Learning at Stonehill College. An expert in several areas of sociology and service learning, Professor Dolgon is the author of numerous journal publications and three books, including the forthcoming Living Sociology: Social Problems, Service Learning, and Civic Engagement. His prior teaching appointments include Harvard University, where he was a visiting professor from 2000-2003, and Clark University.

Event Date: 

Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 00