UCD Offer Students New Community, Volunteering & Leadership Module

This community-based learning module provides students with an opportunity to reflect in a structured way on their learning from their volunteering and community experience(s). Students should have prior and on-going experience of volunteering.

Core topics include leadership, project management, the nature of community, the role of volunteering and the interlinking of these areas. Students will consider these themes and topics with reference to their own community participation, such an involvement in clubs and/or societies or with a community-based organisation, locally, nationally or internationally.

Students will be guided to develop a portfolio to document their volunteering and community experience, reflect on key learning from this experience and consider how this has helped form personal and professional values and competences (e.g. communication, negotiation, teamwork and problem-solving skills).

Students will have an opportunity in this module to learn about themselves as learners, engage their critical thinking and broaden their social awareness.

Rhonda Wynne, of UCD in the Community, teaches the volunteering module in it's first year as an elective module for UCD students. There are 22 registered students participating in the module this term from right across the university disciplines. To partake in the module, students need to be able to verify 50 hours of volunteering.  There is a mix of students volunteering with UCD Student’s Union and societies, student who participated in UCD Volunteer Overseas and other overseas projects, several involved in sports partnerships or clubs training and mentoring children, Order of Malta and 100minds for Temple Street to name but a few!

Find out more: http://www.ucd.ie/ucdinthecommunity/volunteeringandengagement/community-basedlearning/