University of Limerick: Ennis 2020 - People, Place, Potential

Ennis 2020 - People, Place, Potential 

The project is a partnership between Ennis Town Council and the University of Limerick, Department of Politics and Public Administration, and is supported by the Clare Active Citizenship Network. In supporting the project as part of its Practicum Programme, UL encouraged learning amongst a range of UL students in relation to public policy; active citizenship; approaches to participation; and the uses of new media and technology. The project has a number of components. The first of these was a community visioning exercise with residents and users of Ennis to explore their broader vision for the development of the town. Building on this, the need for a second phase to take this broader vision and drill down into a number of more concentrated themes has been identified. All partners in the project were committed to ensuring maximum feedback to participants. To this end, five feedback tools have been produced including a detailed report on the community visioning exercise, a website, an e-learning package, an e-newsletter and a comic aimed at younger residents of the town. These tools have been produced in partnership with the UL MA in Technical Communication and E-Learning and can be accessed at

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