University of Limerick - President's Volunteer Award (PVA)

The vision for University of Limerick is to provide an outstanding student experience, to actively serve our communities and to contribute to the civil, social and cultural life of the Shannon Region and beyond.  

The President's Volunteer Award (PVA) was established in 2010 to harness, acknowledge and support the contribution that students at the University of Limerick make to their communities.

The PVA draws on a strong tradition of student volunteering both on and off campus. Not surprising, student volunteering is the largest civic engagement activity in UL. 

The primary goals of the PVA are:

  1. Sustain and foster a culture of volunteering, student led engagement, active citizenship and civic engagement amongst the student population.
  2. Develop collaborative projects as well as furthering existing initiatives between UL and our communities.
  3. Promote and support the development of key characteristics of UL graduates; knowledgeable, proactive, creative, responsible, collaborative and articulate.
  4. Encourage civic and leadership skills amongst students.
  5. Formally acknowledge and support the contribution that UL student volunteers make to ULs internal and external communities.

How Does it Work?

The most important requirement is that students show a commitment to volunteering or student led engagement. The PVA is calculated on a maximum of three hours weekly volunteering.   Students submit an hourly log signed by their volunteer supervisor in addition to a reflective portfolio that is based on ULs graduate attributes; knowledgeable, proactive, creative, responsible, collaborative and articulate.

At the annual PVA ceremony, the President of the University of Limerick presents his award to student volunteers.  UL staff, volunteer organisations and the families of PVA recipients attend the ceremony.

There are five PVA categories; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Plassey (designed for visiting students studying in UL for one semester) and the Outstanding PVA.   All awards are recorded on the students transcript.

Managing the PVA       

The PVA is managed and coordinated by the Community Liaison Office in ULs student affairs division. Gabriella Hanrahan, based in this office, is also a Campus Engage Convenor for the Working Group Volunteering and Student-led Engagement.

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