Youth Economic Particpation Initiative: Mobilizing Universities to Address the Youth Unemployement Crisis

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The Youth Economic Parcipaton Initiatve responds to the universal gap between the realiFes of the job market, the ability of university-­‐educated youth to successfully parFcipate in the economy, and emerging definiFons of civic engagement as it relates to employment, vocaFonalism and leadership development. Understanding that universiFes hold an important responsibility to address these issues, YEPI aims to apply the extensive experFse and collaboraFon of university civic engagement programs to tackle the youth unemployment crisis.

Strategically changing how insFtuFons of higher educaFon prepare their students can significantly improve the ability of educated youth to engage in local job markets, either through employment, or through entrepreneurship.


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Jennifer Catalano, Rantimi Oluwasegun, Amy Newcomb Rowe, and Edwin Nelson

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