The following represents a list of possible avenues for those involved in persuing and publishing research based on service learning/community based learning or the development of a civic underpinning to programmes of study.

Academic Exchange Quarterly
Articles to 6,000 words on theory, practice and administration of education across the full range of humanities and social science-based approaches are welcomed. Service learning is one of the listed interest areas.

Citizenship Studies
Citizenship Studies publishes internationally recognised scholarly work on contemporary issues in citizenship, human rights, and democratic processes from an interdisciplinary perspective covering the fields of politics, sociology, history, and cultural studies.

Education, Citizenship & Social Justice
Education, Citizenship and Social Justice is a new SAGE Journal. It endeavours to provide a strategic forum for international and multi-disciplinary dialogue for all academic educators and educational policymakers concerned with the meanings and form of citizenship and social justice as these are realised throughout the time spent in educational institutions.

International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering
This new electronic journal is offered free, semi-annually. The Journal welcomes manuscripts based on original work of students and researchers with a specific focus or implication for service learning in engineering, engineering entrepreneurship in service, or related service learning pedagogy.

International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
The International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education provides a forum for the dissemination of knowledge focused on the improvement of higher education across all content areas and delivery domains.

The Journal of Democracy 
The Journal of Democracy is one of the most widely read and cited publications on the problems of and prospects for democracy around the world. A branch of the International Forum for Democratic Studies at the National Endowment for Democracy, the Journal of Democracy is published by the Johns Hopkins University Press.

Journal of Excellence in College Teaching
Journal of Excellence in College Teaching is a peer-reviewed journal published at Miami University to increase student learning through effective teaching, interest in and enthusiasm for the profession of teaching, and communication among faculty about their classroom experiences. It answers Ernest Boyer's call for a forum to present the scholarship of teaching and learning. The Journal provides a scholarly, written forum for discussion by faculty about all areas affecting teaching and learning, and gives faculty the opportunity to share proven, innovative pedagogies and thoughtful, inspirational insights about teaching.

The Journal of Experiential Education 
The Journal of Experiential Education (JEE) is a peer-reviewed, professional journal presenting a diverse range of articles in subject areas such as service learning, environmental education, therapeutic applications, research and theory, the creative arts, to mention a few. It is published three times a year.

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning
The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning is a peer-reviewed journal consisting of articles written by academics and service-learning educators on research, theory, pedagogy, and issues pertinent to the service learning community. The purpose is to: widen the community of service-learning educators; sustain and develop the intellectual vigor of those in this community; encourage research and pedagogical scholarship related to service-learning; contribute to the academic legitimacy of service-learning; increase the number of students and faculty who have a chance to experience the rich teaching and learning benefits that accrue to service-learning participants.

Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement 
Gateways is a refereed journal concerned with the practice and processes of community research and other forms of engagement. It provides a forum for academics, practitioners and community representatives to pursue issues and reflect on practices related to interactions between tertiary institutions and community organizations: academic interventions in community; community-based projects with links to the tertiary sector; and community initiatives.

Special Issue of: Issues in Educational Research (IIER) on Service Learning 
Volume 20 number 1