DCU in the Community links with Ho Chi Minh University of Science in successful Community-based Learning funding bid

A successful funding bid by DCU in the Community and Ho Chi Minh City University of Science as part of the Irish Aid funded Vietnam Ireland Bilateral Education Exchange (VIBE) will develop an innovative community-based learning methodology for STEM subjects in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, as elsewhere, there is a shortage of suitable qualified STEM teachers and there has been a struggle to identify suitable candidates to study and then work in this area. A community-based approach to teaching and learning has been found to be productive in terms of enriching the learning experience as well as in terms of workforce development.

  • The project will run from January 2018 to December 2019 and its key objectives are:
  • To identify existing CBL initiatives and good practices in STEM education at partner universities
  • To provide training in CBL methodologies, principles and rationale to key staff, students and community stakeholders

To implement, evaluate, and disseminate agreed student-led CBL projects with a focus on working with women, persons with disabilities, older and mature learners or other groups that may be marginalised or underrepresented in STEM education.

The leads of the project are Phan Nguyen Ai Nhi from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Ho Chi Minh University of Science, Professor Ronaldo Munck, DCU Head of Civic Engagement and Joanna Ozarowska, Manager of DCU in the Community.

Contact Joanna Ozarowska for further information.