Civil Engineering Principles of Building: Service Learning Module at NUIG

Contact: Jamie Goggins, Civic Engineering at NUIG

As part of this module, the students complete a mini-project in groups of two or three. The project is linked to the modules CE208/ CE209/ CE214 Year’s Work in Environmental Engineering/ Project & Construction Management/ Civil Engineering: Communications. Each group researches one particular aspect of the building process that is chosen from available community-based projects. Several groups can work on a single community-based project, with each group researching a different aspect of the building process for that project. This is written up in the form of a professional report to a client, or as information for inclusion in a technical encyclopedia, or as an article for communicating with the engineering community at large. If appropriate, students in subsequent years can further develop and advance the work completed by their peers.

The objectives include:

1. Develop engineering skills through a self-directed project.

2. Develop a sense of commitment to local communities by making a contribution of time and expertise to an individual or community group.

3. Learn how engineers in-career make contributions to their communities.

4. Apply knowledge or skills you have learned in this module (and others) to a real-world context.

5. Produce a technical engineering report.

6. Deliver a high quality oral presentation on a particular subject.


Discipline: Engineering
Institution: National University of Ireland, Galway
Activity: Service Learning/Community Based Learning

Additional Information

Academic Discipline: Civil Engineering
Module Title: Civil Engineering Principles of Building
Typical number of students: 50
Year(s) of Programme: 2nd Year
Credits (ECTs): 6
Mandatory: No
Assessment method:  
First established: 2009 - 2010
Typical number of hours: 50
Learning outcomes:  
Case study website/link:  
Community Partners: Partners have included: Ability West, Alan Kerins African Projects, Ballyglass Preschool, Clann Resource Centre, Corrach Bui community centre, Creagh N.S. Ballinasloe, Galway Rape Crisis Centre, Galway City Partnership, Portlaoise parish church and Salthill Devon FC.


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