Community-based Learning Literacy Project at NUIG

Contact: Dermot Burns at NUIG

This course teaches visiting US Study Abroad students about literacy acquisition and pedagogy. Students are introduced to a range of theories concerning literacy learning and teaching; they will develop academic knowledge and practical skills in this field. The course also organises work experience placements for students to attend. These will be one session per week in local homework clubs. This practical community work affords students the opportunity to put some of the theoretical information they have covered in lectures into action; moreover, it will develop interpersonal and teaching skills. There will be an emphasis placed on learning through fun and games as well as shared reading exercises. Students will submit a portfolio about their work experience at the end of the course. At the conclusion of the semester, members of the homework clubs are invited into the university for a reception evening at which the children will be presented with certificates of achievement to mark the progress they have made. The course is particularly suitable for those students interested in careers in education, psychology or social work; however, all applications will be considered. Students are required to attend one lecture and one tutorial per week as well as one session at a homework club.


Discipline: Arts and Humanities
Institution: National University of Ireland, Galway
Activity: Service Learning/Community Based Learning

Additional Information

Academic Discipline: School of Humanities
Module Title: Community Based Learning Literacy Project
Typical number of students: 30
Year(s) of Programme: Visiting US Study Abroad Students
Credits (ECTs): 5
Mandatory: No
Assessment method:  
First established: 2009 - 2010
Typical number of hours: 36 (13.5 in the community)
Learning outcomes:  
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Community Partners: Various homework clubs in the Galway Area


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