Clinical Legal Education at NUIG

Contact: Larry Donnelly, NUIG

Lawrence Donnelly, Lecturer and Director of Clinical Legal Education, has devised a system by which some final year Bachelor of Civil Law students receive academic credit for working in ‘real world’ law and law-related work placements. To date, law students have made contributions to the work of the Equality Authority, the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies, the Rape Crisis Network, various national and international non-governmental organisations and legal practitioners throughout Ireland. In so doing, they have acquired valuable practical skills and professional contacts. Mr. Donnelly comments that “those of us involved in the development of clinical legal education here in Ireland must remember that we are, to an extent unprecedented in the history of Irish university legal training, equipping students with practical know-how and a cognisance that law can be used to achieve the greater good. We look forward to expanding clinical offerings for students in future and enhancing NUI Galway’s already strong reputation as a provider of innovative legal education.


Discipline: Law
Institution: National University of Ireland, Galway
Activity: Service Learning/Community Based Learning

Additional Information

Academic Discipline: School of Law
Module Title: Clinical Legal Education
Typical number of students: Upto 20
Year(s) of Programme: Final Year
Credits (ECTs): 6
Mandatory: No
Assessment method: Completion of reflective essay; Participation in interactive seminars; Satisfactory evaluation form
First established: 2007
Typical number of hours: 100+ hours in the community and 10 seminar hours
Learning outcomes:  
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Community Partners: Partners have included: Equality; Rape Crisis Network Ireland; National Federation of Voluntary Bodies; Various national and international non-governmental organisations and Legal practitioners throughout Ireland.


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