Based at the Irish Universities Association, Kate’s role is to drive the Campus Engage Initiative, to support on-going development of activities such as: community-based learning, student volunteering, community engaged research and knowledge exchange and sharing; to increase the number of courses, activities and levels of participation in these areas across Irish higher education. Previous to joining the IUA Kate worked with the Centre for Effective Services, managing the Centre´s knowledge exchange network and communication systems, delivering a range of capacity building tools to support and promote evidence-informed community, voluntary and youth work services, practice and policy. Kate has also worked on consultancy and contract basis with UNESCO Centre, Northern Ireland, Educate Together, and the Centre for Ageing Research and Development. At EU level Kate has worked on a number of EU Commission Projects including an FP6 research project, based at the French National Institute for Demographic Studies, that studied young people’s experience of participation, education and access to employment; and on an Indexing project that studies access to nationality, political participation, and anti-discrimination in the EU.


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