Campus Engage Opens Second Annual Transforming Open Responsible Research Through CHARM-EU Forum

TORCH Forum 2023

Campus Engage was very pleased to be invited to open the TORCH Forum 2023 at Trinity College Dublin.

CHARM-EU (Challenge-driven, Accessible, Research-based Mobile European University) organised its second TORCH Annual Forum entitled “Sharing Common R&I Policies and Strategies: Strengthening Collaborations Towards a Transformational Approach.” The hybrid event (hosted by Trinity College Dublin) was open to stakeholders engaged in research and innovation as well as university-industry-citizen collaboration.

Within its Research & Innovation dimension (TORCH), the CHARM-EU Alliance is developing its challenge-driven transformative R&I agenda based on a transdisciplinary and intercultural vision to solve complex societal challenges. The TORCH Forum provided the possibility to share results and achievements related to the project and discuss them together with stakeholders, other European University Alliances and Research Performing Organizations. The meeting focused on five key R&I areas:
1. Working toward reforming research assessment.
2. Fostering equality, diversity and inclusivity.
3. Championing Open Science.
4. Promoting inter/transdisciplinary research driven by societal challenges.
5. Intensifying R&I Cooperation Between Universities.

The event encouraged reflection on the Alliance’s shared common R&I policies and strategies, discussed pioneering initiatives of universities regarding responsible research and innovation (RRI), and uncovered legal, financial and regulatory barriers to Alliances’ collaborative endeavours. It also included the outlook of the European Commission and stakeholders interested in research and innovation and university-industry-citizen collaboration.