The Patient Voice in Diabetes Research (PDVR)

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The Patient Voice in Diabetes Research (PDVR)

Project synopsis

The Patient Voice needs to be heard within diabetes research. The UCD DCRC hosted its Inaugural PVDR event on 23rd June 2018 to engage the researcher and patient communities to exchange knowledge and information to ensure that our core objectives are guided by patient experience and expectations. The intended outcome to ensure that future projects are shaped by and communicated effectively to patients and the wider community.

Patients and their families, the public, academics, clinicians, other health professionals.

The event was a mix of public engagement and patient involvement.

  • Advertising material was circulated in the greater Dublin area inviting members of the public interested in diabetes research to attend the Inaugural PVDR event.
  • The event was held at UCD, hosted by the UCD DCRC and in partnership with Diabetes Ireland.
  • The event consisted of a mix of presenters, including a patient advocate, and representatives of UCD PPI Ignite, Diabetes Ireland and a Guest talk by Prof Donal O’Shea (UCDDCRC).
  • It also included workshops where clinicians, patients and academics engaged in smaller roundtable sessions.
  • The roundtable sessions addressed predetermined questions to explore what patients want/need from our research.

The outputs are as follows:

  • The Inaugural Patient Voice in Diabetes Research (PDVR) event.
    • We worked with Diabetes Ireland; Anna Clarke presented on behalf of Diabetes Ireland.
    • The audience included a mix of patients and their families, academics, clinicians and other health care professionals. The event took place in UCD and audience members were mostly from the Dublin area, though some travelled distances outside of Dublin.
    • The round table sessions were structured such as that patients would get to voice their thoughts on: 1) the importance for patients to know about research into diabetes; 2) how can accessing information be improved and finally but not limited to 3) how could researchers engage and communicate more effectively about research?
    • One of the common themes that emerged from this night was that patients would like to hear more about the research taking place.

The outcomes are as follows:

  • A major outcome from this event is that a second PVDR event will take place on November 14th, World Diabetes Day. It will be a patient engagement event whereby patients will learn more about the ongoing research taking place in the UCD DCRC.

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Higher Education Institution:

University College Dublin

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For more information contact:

Dr Fiona McGillicuddy (UCD)

Principal Investigators:

Dr Fiona McGillicuddy, Dr Neil Docherty, and Prof Catherine Godson, UCD DCRC (Diabetes Complications Research Centre).