European STEP survey on the recognition of student engagement in European Higher Education Institutions

Engagement Project (European STEP), a new online survey has been launched to collect objective data on the policies of higher education institutions (HEI) regarding the recognition and support mechanisms of student engagement, across the European Union. EUA is an associate partner supporting the project.

Led by seven partners from a French students’ network and European universities, the European STEP project consists first of a study to emphasise on the place of youth engagement and its recognition in students’ academic paths. It will provide an overview of practices of recognition and support for students’ active participation in the different HEI and countries. In the long term, the project aims to contribute to the recognition of student engagement in Europe, in particular as a factor in the development of key and cross-curricular skills complementary to the academic path.

To take part in the study and provide information on your institution’s policy on the matter, please fill in the online European STEP survey.