JISC 8th Annual Conference – Civic and Cultural Intelligence: Partnerships for Student Success Apr 15-16th 2020

Birmingham City University is delighted to host the Jisc Change Agents Network conference on the conference theme of Civic and Cultural Intelligence: Partnerships for Student Success.

At a time of significant political, social and economic uncertainty the ability of universities and students to engage with their communities is all the more important. This conference will reveal how students, universities and communities can create opportunities for social innovation and cohesion that enhances not only student learning but also the ways in which universities embrace their local communities.

This provides universities and colleges with an opportunity to change the paradigm. Moving from the goal of making students ‘ready for college’ to one where the institutions reinvent themselves to be ‘ready for their students’ and their communities.

Within the main theme students, staff and community representatives are invited to submit proposals that address the following sub-themes:

  • Learning beyond the classroom

  • Enabling underserved student success

  • Sustainability through partnerships

  • Citizenship and engagement

  • Wellbeing

For further details see the website www.bcucanconference.wixsite.com/jisc