Campus Engage Civic and Community Engagement Charter

One: We, the Irish Higher Education Institutions, wish to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our higher education institutions over the years, pursuing engagement with local communities, and society at large, for the common good;

Two: We will continue to promote civic and community engagement through the mission and strategy of our institutions wherever possible;

Three: We will promote civic and community engagement through a variety of community-based learning, community-based research, public scholarship and volunteering activities and seek to align these with the overall teaching, research and outreach missions of our institutions;

Four: We will continue to build a campus community imbued with a civic culture through our use of space, cultural activities, commitment to diversity, co-operation with partners, student civic engagement and all relevant operational practices;

Five: We will pursue, through a variety of means, our aspiration to open our campuses to local communities, and our social, arts, cultural, academic and sports activities will, where possible, promote local community engagement and partnership;

Six: We will contribute to the widening participation and lifelong learning agendas by promoting civic and community engagement, combating disadvantage and furthering the social inclusion mission of higher education;

Seven: We will partner with relevant stakeholders and agencies to promote our institutions as hubs of engagement activity in order to actively address the local and regional development, regeneration and research agendas;

Eight: Our campus and all our activities will be informed by the sustainability agenda in recognition that a ‘green campus’ contributes to community well-being and economic development;

Nine: We will continue to promote the engagement of our institutions with the wider society through two-way knowledge exchanges, and actively communicate the social relevance and impact of our research and teaching activities as broadly as possible;

Ten: We will continue to advocate for appropriate resources, both financial and human, to achieve high impact civic and community engagement activities to maintain and build on what we have achieved to date.