Glossary of Terms

On this page you will find a database of all Campus Engage publications, tools, case studies, and resources to support you, your staff, students, civic and civil society organisations to embed, scale and promote engagement across campuses and local, national and international communities.

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Engaged Research

Describes a wide range of rigorous research approaches and methodologies that share a common interest in collaborative engagement with the community. It aims to improve, understand, or investigate an issue of public interest or concern, including societal challenges. Engaged research is advanced with community partners rather than for them. ‘Community’ refers to a range of public research stakeholders, including public or professional service and product users, policy makers, civil and civic society organisations (CSOs) and actors (Engaged Research: Society and Higher Education Working Together to Address Societal Challenges, Campus Engage, 2017).

Academic approaches that seeks to engage and accredit students, within the curriculum, for working in partnership with civic and civil society organisations (CSOs) to act on local societal challenges.

The commitment of time and energy for the benefit of society and the community, the environment or individuals outside one’s immediate family. It is undertaken freely and by choice, without concern for financial gain. is a one-stop-shop portal connecting higher education students with civil society organisation volunteering opportunities.

Capture the broad range of initiatives, activities and events which combine to create a culture of societal engagement with higher education. Public engagement is about the institution facing outwards and connecting as widely as possible to communicate the value of learning and research and to leverage institutional knowledge and resources for social good.

Relate to the strategies, policies, practices, and resources put in place to implement, sustain and embed civic and community engagement as a core institutional activity.

The recruitment of study participants is participation of the public rather than involvement.

Is about efforts aimed at raising awareness among the public around research, such as media publications, outreach activities such as open days in research facilities can be described as engagement, not as involvement. Engagement activities are required for both participation and involvement.

Includes refers to co-created and co-produced research with a focus on collaboration.